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We are a citizens’ network to support the supply of PPE’s (personal protection equipment) for healthcare workers in Colombia during Covid-19.


+5.800 face shields

already produced to be donated by our volunteers with 3D printers and allied companies.


+8.893 PPE´s

donated N95 face masks, gel, safety glasses, face shields and gowns. We continue distributing!


More than 172 families

received food provisions
assistance thanks to your contribution.


Redspira Colombia was born as a solution to the shortage of protective personal equipments for healthcare workers and to the difficulty of the families in obtaining food during Covid crisis.

Ourcitizen network is conformed by a multidisciplinary group of Colombian residents in the country and abroad. Together we have built a strategic model to enable the availability of PPE’s for free to hospitals and their health workers in areas we have identified, ranging from big cities as Bogotá, to areas with special need due to the emergency such as Amazonas, Arauca, Guajira, Buenaventura.

In Redspira Colombia we have also joined efforts with Fucai (Fundación Caminos de Identidad) to send water and food provision to indigenous families in La Guajira, and with Makers Colombia and RDS for the production of face shields with 3D printers.

With the donation of 25 Euros we could donate up to seventeen N95 face masks. Donate Here.


The funds collected will be destined 30% to indigenous families with food and water provisions through Fucai, and in 70% will be distributed for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for healthcare workers in the country, including the production of face shields, and food provision for families in need (including venezuelans and the elderly) along the country.

We have been working to help the following populations: Leticia, Vaupés, Arauca, Guajira, Espinal, Buenaventura, Bogotá, Chía, Duitama, Bucaramanga, Quibdó, Nuquí, Timbiquí, Puerto Alegría (Border Colombia-Perú), Chorrera.


With your contribution of 25 Euros

we can donate 18 face shields.


Gracias al personal de servicios generales, de seguridad, enfermeros y médicos por su valentía.


  • 1. Additional Barrier

    The virus is transmitted mainly through the eyes, nose and mouth mucous membranes, and in that sense, the face shields act as an additional protective barrier.

  • 2. Extensive Use

    The face shields are elements of prolonged protection, they do not have to be disposed.

  • 3. Easy to desinfect

    We recommend that the health care workers disinfect the face shields with an alcohol-based solution before and after their use.

  • 4. Availability

    Possibility of permanent availability inventory: In Redspira Colombia we have the capacity to produce with 3D printers and laser cutting machines.

  • 5.Validated designs

    Para la producción de visores en Redspira Colombia nos basamos en el diseño que ha sido desarrollado por los voluntarios de BCN3D, CovidMakers y personal del Parc Taulí Institut d'Investigació i Innovació I3PT, el cual ha sido validado en el Hospital San Juan de Dios de Barcelona.

With your contribution of 25 Euros

we can donate 18 face shields.

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From the legal field, the brand making, the production of face shield, and operational help, we have received invaluable and selfless help.

To everyone, we express our IMMENSE GRATITUDE!